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The Natrona County Republican Party does NOT support or condone the censure of any elected representative, including that of our own Rep. Forrest Chadwick.  


Forrest Chadwick is a long-time member of the Natrona County Republican Party, a family man, businessman, and former Natrona County Commissioner.


Forrest Chadwick's House District includes parts of eastern Natrona County and western Converse County. We count Rep. Chadwick as a valuable and thoughtful representative of those who elected him to represent them in the Wyoming Legislature. Forrest Chadwick listens to his constituents and, using his best judgment and his years of political and business experience, votes to represent his district's best interest. We support that. 


The idea that a representative or senator must vote to represent a small faction of a political party above those who elected them, or face censure should be foul to Wyomingites.


In Natrona County, one censure request has come up from a person that just moved to Wyoming. The Natrona County Central Committee voted down the motion because the majority of Natrona County Republicans appreciate, support, and respect the individuals willing to run for and serve their neighbors in elected office. If the citizens want change, their voice is heard through the election box, or they just go talk with their representative, like an adult. 


Joe MacGuire, chairman

Natrona County Republican Party

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