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Plan for County Convention on April 4th:

Verify credentials by phone or web from 8AM-11AM

  1. Initiate meeting by a virtual format (phone or web) at 11AM

  2. Seat any alternate delegates 

  3. Close credentials

  4. Open the floor for any additional nominations to be considered for state or national convention voting

  5. Close nominations

  6. Submit ballots by email or physically by no later than 5PM on Monday April 6th

  7. Open the floor for business of convention:  I will ask that someone present a motion to "postpone indefinitely" the Bylaws, Platforms and Resolutions portion of the agenda.  This will require a simple majority to pass.  If passed, we will table the remaining business of county convention until the central committee is able to again meet in person.  There is a significant feeling that trying to debate these issues at a virtual (phone/web) meeting will be extraordinarily difficult, will not be successful and will diminish the importance of open discussion on those issues. We WILL bring every item back to be discussed at the earliest possible time that the central committee can convene in person.  

  8. If the motion fails, we will begin going through each item one at a time with roll call votes until 4pm at which time convention must end.

  9. If the motion passes, we will then adjourn and announce the results of delegate voting by April 8th at 5PM.



A lot of time and effort has been invested in this plan.  We acknowledge it is not ideal and technology and communication issues may make things challenging for all of us during credentialing and during the meeting.  However, we have a team of many people volunteering a lot of their time to avoid problems to the extent we can and standing by to do their best to work through issues as they arise.  I ask for and appreciate your patience.  The plan is evolving on a daily basis and we are doing our best to ensure a successful County Convention.





Natrona County Convention​

Apr 4, 2020 ​

Join Meeting​ by the WEB:​  


​Meeting ID: 173 892 393​


Join Meeting​ by PHONE:


Call - 1-301-715-8592​ 

      Meeting ID: 173 892 393​ 

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